ZKB (aka ZK Bucket) is one fun DJ, artist and producer from Berlin, but which doesn’t mean he’s not rocking at the pétanque. Also running the Zaun Records label.


Musique Riche / Musique Chienne

They met in Paris but started their collaboration in Liège then Bruxelles.

The first one is rock, grunge and like things well done.

The other is also rock, but more clumsy and wobly.

That works well.







Cachette à Branlette aka Unasunasmalade

I come from the Jura Mountains but I left. Now i’m lost somewhere near the Ocean and some evil disco power from outer space drives me insane through my keyboards. Sometimes I undress and scream to death to unleash that mysterious luxurious power but for now, I’ll just try to melt steel.








I am based in Brighton, Uk and make my music live with a hardware synthesizer setup, improvising  the track structure during recording.

I am also very interested in free improvisation with electronic instruments both solo and in groups.

Some of the music I make is distributed via the internet and some I record to cassettes which I then place in geocaches around the countryside.



Le Matin

Dehumanized administrations spaces and sprawling enterprises through singing plaintive synths, stomatich sounds and disrupted 808. Live machines synthwave inspiration, acid and electro.






23 November 2013